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Jodhaa Single Patchwork and Printed reversable quilt / Razai 12RZSA045

  • Rs. 2,159.00
  • Rs. 4,049.00

Single  Sized Cotton Quilt / Razai Printed In A Patchwork Design in Floral Prints. The Quilt / Razai Is Filled With 100% Cotton and also it is Floral Print On Reverse Side ,Can Be Used Both Sides. These quilts are unique as they have been made from a patchwork of various designs. It must be noted that each piece is unique and the piece you will get may vary a bit from the image. This is because each quilt is individually crafted and may contain some patches that may be different from the images

Size In Inches  : 60 X 90

Washing and Cleaning   : Hand Wash or  Machine Wash in Cold Water but Line Dry / Hang Dry                                       

Product Code  : 12RZSA045

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