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Is your Home Party-ready?

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With the season of weddings, festivals and celebrations upon us once more; it makes sense to be prepared to throw parties on virtually no notice. While cleaning, sprucing and organising comes with its own set of challenges, in this article we will talk about making your home party-ready well in advance. Today you can buy home décor furnishings online in India easily at the click of a button. Not only do these designer furnishings online offer you the best in terms of variety, brands like Jodhaa assure you the best quality.

The thing to remember when being the host for a party is that while your house is expected to be uncluttered, it shouldn’t come across as bare. The thing with statement pieces and accessories for your living space is that they effortless add a lot of personality and life. You can buy table mats online. These are the type of accessories that add a charming layer of homeliness without being over the top or ridiculous.

Rather than focusing on adding the usual festive accessories, infuse natural accents into your home to really bring it all together. For example, during Diwali this year combine the traditional charm of diyas, lanterns and lights with the very subtle and refreshing cinnamon scented potpourri. You can buy designer bedsheets online at Jodhaa in a multitude of interesting and intriguing prints that’ll help you imbibe the spirit of the season throughout your home. Similarly, during Christmas you can break out the pine scented candles, wreaths and potpourri.

It goes without saying that food and drinks form the central core of any celebration. Get tongues wagging for the right reasons by jazzing your tables and bars up with the fancier cousin of the table mat – the table runner. You can buy table runners online at unbelievable prices which will definitely bring more glamour and sophistication into your home.

Nothing can ruin a good mood more than being uncomfortable. Make sure your guests are feeling right at home by making sure that you don’t compromise on the comfort factor. Jazz up your couch and other seating by throwing in a bunch of cool cushions. You can buy printed cushion covers online and even embroidered pieces that look as inviting as they look artistic. The best part about cushion covers is that you can invest in a variety of assorted pieces and keep changing them regularly. This is a brilliant and budget-friendly idea to keep your house looking new and feeling fresh.

Probably the most overlooked part of a house is the floor. Whatever the reason may be, not many people realize that dressing up your floors is as important as any other part of the room. The most convenient and easy to include piece is a good old carpet. You can buy carpets online in India at budget friendly prices. Consider this to be a wise investment because not only do carpets look good, they also are amazingly cosy and comfortable. We’re sure you won’t be the only ones who will appreciate the carpet.

If you’re looking for a seating arrangement that is way more casual and comfortable, we suggest you make a bundled up seating area on the living room floor. A more grown-up version of the blanket fort from your childhood, this is the perfect way to have a more traditional feel to the evening. You can buy bolsters online which can be used to line the sides of your floor seating to amp up the snugness level.

While your house should be neat and party-ready in terms of cleanliness, don’t hesitate to jazz things up a little when it comes to home décor. Even if you are not yet confident enough to go all out, sneaking in a few pieces of designer home décor items will do you only good. Be it in terms of colours, patterns, textures or even size – make sure to go with what feels comfortable to you.

We hope this article helps you navigate through the otherwise difficult task of getting your home ready for celebrating with your near and dear ones.

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