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10 ways to mix and match bedcovers and cushions

Posted by Tarun Karnani on


Not sure where to start when it comes to mixing and matching bedcovers and cushions? Take a look at these 10 great tips!

1. IN SEASON With the warmer weather coming, you'll be changing your linen to combat sticky nights, so give your winter bedding a wash and a good airing. Choose natural fibres to regulate body temperature - linen, in particular, is a cool choice as it's lightweight, durable and available in an array of colours.

2. ON TREND Look out for art-inspired bed designs. "This is a very eclectic, modern direction for us," says Mark Travers, head designer at Sheridan. "Demand for this trend is getting stronger as people feel more comfortable with having a design made from pure unconstructed colour in their homes."

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