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Colorful cushions, shade your home like a rainbow

Posted by Tarun Karnani on

There is no doubt that cushions and throw-pillows can add great beauty and charm to any room instantly. In fact, it is one of the most used ideas in home décor and furnishing and it would be difficult to find houses without cushions. They not only make sitting very comfortable but also they can add great variety and uniqueness to home furnishing as well. One of the advantages of using cushions as a home furnishing item is that they are small and one can easily bring any type of cushion design to it.

You can use many types of cushions to add convenience and comfort to your home. For instance, a large cushion can be used to make sitting down on the ground comfortable. Sometimes, you can use cushions to sleep on them. You can also use cushions to color your home and room pretty well.

Following are some of the coolest ways you can use to change your home to a true rainbow


Using cushions with solid and vibrant colors can make your bed or sofa look great. While you use solid color cushions, make sure that the bed or sofa has complementing and supporting colors as well. Having two mismatched colors for the sofa or bed and its cushion can spoil the entire fun.


Before you go for cushion covers online shopping, study the type of sofa that you have and the color of the same. Do some study on what combination of colors can go well with your sofa's color. Then make your final decision regarding the cushion color and go for the cushion cover designs patterns you think are the best for your home.

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