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How to choose the perfect size for a carpet for your house?

Posted by Tarun Karnani on

Choosing the perfect rug or carpet for your home can sometimes be overwhelming, as you need to consider various factors before purchasing the same. Selecting the right size for your carpet can be difficult than you can imagine. It is even more tiresome if you do not have any idea of what you are doing in the first place. The manager of one of the leading home furnishing stores says that very often people come without any idea of the size of the rooms and it makes the purchasing process extremely difficult.

Since carpets play a very important role in deciding the overall quality of the decor furnishing of your home, it becomes essential that you do some sort of homework before heading towards purchasing or searching forcarpets online in India.

The ways you can choose the perfect shape of carpets for your room.


One of the biggest problems I have seen is that people tend not to look at the shape of the room while purchasing rugs for their room. Always make sure that you buy a square carpet if you have a square room. Having mismatched shapes can make the carpet look cut out incomplete. It can spoil the fun of having the carpet on your floor at all.

One exception for this idea is that for rooms that are more playful than others like entries or kids rooms; for these rooms, you can go for round carpets. But make sure that it fits perfectly with the room.

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