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Guidelines to prevent your couch cushions from sinking in

Posted by Tarun Karnani on

It is a common complaint that most home furnishing stores hear from customers that their couch cushions sink faster than they expect and they have no idea how to take care of it. Since cushions are expensive to buy, you may not be able to buy another one every time they start sinking. It is very embarrassing for the homeowners to invite guests to sit on a sinking couch. At the same time, the guests would feel uncomfortable sitting on them as well. This is a situation where no homeowners would want to find themselves in, at any cost.

So, what are the ways you can prevent one of the best decor furnishing items from losing its feel and usefulness?

Before you understand about the methods of prevention, understanding the reasons behind a sinking couch cushion will help you a lot better while taking care of a sinking couch cushion.


If you notice, most members of your home spend a lot of time on the couches you have. It means that a couch takes in lot of pressure often than any other item in the house. On continuous use, the couch itself or the springs of the couch can easily be worn out causing the couch to sink in.

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