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Tips to Easily Change a Duvet Cover

Posted by Tarun Karnani on

You probably experience a small shudder of fear anytime you need to do anything more to your bed than pull up the comforter and toss on a few throw pillows in order to make it. So then if changing the sheets is a nightmare, how would even begin to qualify putting on a clean duvet cover? Well, here's where you might be surprised: this trick, is nothing but Easy and Fun.


Obviously the first step in this venture is making sure you've got a clean duvet cover to start with. You might also want to change into a comfortable t-shirt or exercise gear. Nothing too formal here, just something you're not afraid to, well, shake yo thang in.


Start by taking your duvet stuffing and laying it on your bed, as if it already had the cover in place, but with the tags at the top. Next, turn your cover inside out and shake it over your bed so that the opening rests near your feet. Take a good look at the duvet, and get ready for the BIG MOVE. This next step is not for the faint at heart, nor the claustrophobic, so proceed with caution.

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