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Quilt, Coverlet, Comforter, and Duvet: Are they same or different?

Posted by Tarun Karnani on


Cotton Queen Size Razai in Purple and GoldA form of blanket quilt is composed of three different layers of fiber. The three layers are often a woven cloth top, a second layer of wadding or batting and a woven back as the third layer. All these layers are carefully stitched decoratively using a technique called quilting to make a quilt. A quilt is substantially different from other forms of blankets as it is formed of stitching multiple pieces of clothes together to make a complete blanket. A quilt is well regarded with many patterns and traditions. Quilts are made and gifted to mark great occasions like wedding or the birth of a child etc. Buying quilts online can give you a wide plethora of choices.


Either woven or quilted, it is a non-reversible and light bedspread. The same is used as a thicker decorative sheet that goes over thicker bedsheets. Coverlets usually have a thinner layer of batting enabling them to be used as a stand-alone bedcover and this changes depending upon the weight of the same. They are also used as a bed or sofa throws. Coverlets have extremely good decorative quality and hence they do not intend to get pillow tuck.

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