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The keys to choosing a perfect bed sheet to make your sleep better and peaceful

Posted by Tarun Karnani on

If you can recall the coziest bed you have ever slept in, what is it that made the sleep better? If you think it is the sheet, then we are on the same page with many other people. Sheets play an important role along with a cozy blanket and a comfortable mattress in determining the quality and duration of our sleep as it comes in direct contact with our skin. Following are some of the important factors to keep in mind while trying to order a bed sheets online or buy it from a décor furnishing store.


If you remember or asked to an elderly person about the material that was used to make bedsheets, they would simply say it was only cotton. Cotton remains the most popular and preferred fabric for a bedsheet for most of us. It offers remarkable comfort, durability, and breathability. Moreover, cotton works great for any type of weather you may want to encounter.


If your prefer having a little snap with your bedsheet, then going with percale would be great as it is a planer weave than sateen. Neither it is essentially better than the other one is; the choice would be personal. Also choosing a Jersey sheet would be great depending upon the type of people that use them. It would be a poor choice for kids, as the sheet tends to slip and slide on the bed. Always make sure that you have enough reviews to decide upon while you buy bed sheets online India.

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