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Ingredients that fuelled the growth of Indian Home Decor Industry

Posted by Tarun Karnani on

If you have been observing the home décor sector of India for about a decade, you would be surprised to know that people have been in the lookout for latest home furnishing ideas more seriously than ever. Manohar, the proud owner of an online shopping store for home decor says that people now have more money than they used to and importantly, they are willing to spend it on home décor.

People want to go with the trending styles and ideas but are open to change the entire décor in a year wanting to move to the next novel thing as well, he says. "There was a family who called me regularly to get details of new trends in home furnishings", he recalls.

There are many socio economic reasons behind people giving more importance to home furnishings in these recent years. In the recent past home was only a basic need for people but now people want to make their home looking better.

There are many reasons that can be attributed to the changing attitude of Indian families towards home decor and most important ones are understood to be as follows.


Most of the Indian families now have money because of the economic improvement that the country has seen in the last couple of decades. Ever since the Indian economy was opened for foreign players, income of families have has seen significant improvement during these years. If people did not have money in the past to furnish their homes as much as they liked, now people have money to spend, more importantly they are willing to spend the money to make their home look better as much as they want.


In the past people were ignorant of the opportunities they had to make their home look better and people who got such opportunity were scant. On the other hand, people now have more information at their hands more than ever and they are bombarded with opportunities at reasonable prices. Given these opportunities, people now only have the burden of decision-making. People are now updated; they are in contact with everything that is happening in very sector.

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