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The Art of Table Decoration

Posted by Tarun Karnani on

Things to keep in mind before decorating your table with mats and runners

Table decoration is an art in itself.  An incredibly decorated table is all you need to make your function fantastic.  When it comes to table decoration, table mats and table runners are the best things to decorate the tables with. There cannot be anything better qualified to décor your tables. No home décor furnishing is good until it has taken full advantage of table décor.

Like any other home décor activity, taking caring of certain important factors can make the task easy and walk in the park than otherwise.

Following are a list of things that you can take care of all your worries while decorating your tables with mats and runners.

Match them with the rest of the room:

People often forget this simple room when it comes to table décor that every mat and the table runner that you purchase have to match the color and theme of the room. In order to avoid this, one has to understand the theme of the setting and the color patterns that would go well with theme and then choose the mats and runners accordingly. If you love to go Indian, there are numerous options to find and buy table runners in India without any worry in any of the home furnishing stores.

Be choosy about the material that you purchase:

Before visiting any of the home furnishing stores, make sure that you know what type of material you want to buy a runner or a table mat. Runners normally come in silk and polyester. Polyester is tend to be cheaper than silk, while silk is much superior than polyester.  Depending upon your budget you can choose between these and most people cannot tell the difference between a polyester runner and a silk one. There are also many handmade quilted runners online and in home furnishing stores. If you want to go traditional, these are a good choice as well.
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